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When do I need to bring my vehicle in for diagnostics?

A flashing or continuous check engine light is an indication that there is a potentially serious malfunction on your vehicle. If your "check engine" light is illuminated or you onboard computer is notifying you of a problem, bring your car directly to us or get it towed to our shop if it is not safe to drive.


What is computer diagnostics?

This involves connecting a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool to the OBDII port on your vehicle to retrieve the code(s) stored by the onboard computer. Our scan tool is able to accurately translate the code(s) to assist us in determining the fault or malfunction. Next is to find what may have caused the problem to begin with.


How long will it take to get my car diagnosed?

Generally we ask the customer to authorize an hour of our time to run diagnostic testing. Depending what problem could be, it may take less or more than an hour to diagnose. We will notify you if we require more time.


How much is a check engine diagnostic cost?

That will depend on whether or not you are currently a VIP member. Please give a call to us at +1-306-986-6110 for more accurate estimate.


Why do diagnostic tests cost as much as they do if a scan tool tells you what's wrong?

People generally believe that service shops use low-cost devices just like a consumer can purchase, which they plug into the vehicle and get details about the exact issue. The reality is that our automotive scan tool cost thousands of dollars just for the hardware. On top of that, we pay a costly annual subscription to keep the software up-to-date with the most current vehicle information. We require this in order to diagnose the issue correctly. As you can imagine, there are only a limited amount of sensors and wires connected to the onboard computer - not every component is monitored. The scan tool pin-points the exact problem only some of the time. It takes a highly-skilled technician that specializes in automotive diagnostics to determine where the problem is the majority of the time.

Remember VIP members receive generous discounts on labour and parts which means a significantly lower repair bill when compared to competing shops.

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