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SGI Mechanical Inspection

Our SGI authorized vehicle mechanical safety inspection service ensures all vehicles are maintained to the safety standards required by law.

SGI has the authority to subject any vehicle to a test or inspection, or require that specific repairs be completed. If you're asked to have your vehicle inspected or repaired and you don't comply:

  • your vehicle's registration and insurance may be cancelled; or
  • your registration renewal may be refused; or
  • you won't be able to register your vehicle until you have it repaired or inspected.

You can entrust Saskatoon Auto Connection to perform a complete, fair, and accurate inspection following all of the SGI guidelines.

A mechanical safety inspection determines if your vehicle is mechanically safe to drive. An outline of vehicles that need this inspection can be found under structurally and mechanically unfit vehicles. In addition to the vehicle's mechanical safety, certain structural parts are inspected1 to ensure corrosion or damage is repaired to the original manufacturers' or repair industry standards. However, there are some areas that aren’t checked during a mechanical safety inspection, including the:
  • engine
  • transmission
  • air conditioning and other non-safety related components
  • surface rust that doesn't jeopardize the vehicle's structural integrity

4-wheel alignment check

A 4-wheel alignment check detects steering and structural defects and damage. The check is included in the charge and time given for the vehicle inspection. However, if a wheel alignment, adjustment or repairs are needed, there’s an extra charge.

If an alignment is required to pass, we strongly recommend you perform it during the inspection. You can choose to have the alignment done at the shop of your choosing. However, if you do, you must bring your vehicle back to us for reinspection, and we will have to do another alignment check.  You will be  charged for the 2nd alignment check. By doing it at the time of the initial inspection, you will save significant downtime and money and cut out most of the red tape.

Inspection process

Steps to follow:

  1. Schedule a mechanical safety inspection with us. We are a certified vehicle inspection station.
  2. Bring your vehicle for inspection (as an inspection station we are not allowed to start fixing problems we find without your permission).
  3. If you had a body integrity inspection done on your vehicle, provide us with a copy of the Body Integrity Inspection Certificate.
  4. When your vehicle passes the inspection, you get a validated Mechanical Safety Inspection Certificate from us.
  5. Take a copy of the validated Mechanical Safety Inspection Certificate (and Body Integrity Inspection Certificate, if applicable) to any motor licence issuer to register your vehicle.
  6. Keep a copy of your inspection certificates for your records.

Cost of inspection

Inspection stations can charge:

  • Small vehicles – shop rate multiplied by 1.5 hours (up to and including half-ton trucks)
  • Large vehicles – shop rate multiplied by 2 hours


An inspection station has to find all of the items that don’t pass during inspection. We encourage you to ask us about the items if you feel we did not explain every failed item to your full understanding. We will tie it into the inspection manual standard. After a failed inspection, we will provide you with a copy of the Failed inspection certificate listing all of the defects to keep for your own records.

If your vehicle fails the first inspection and you choose to get it fixed at another repair shop, you have 30 days to come back and have your vehicle reinspected by Saskatoon Auto Connection. There’s no charge for the 1st reinspection if major parts don’t need to be removed to inspect the fixes or it doesn’t need an alignment check. Any extra reinspections of the repaired areas may come with a charge.

If you don't return for your reinspection within 30 days, your vehicle has to have another full inspection, and you’ll be responsible for the cost. Keep in mind that the total loss vehicles rule still applies (it must be inspected within 60 days or before the expiry of the current registration, whichever occurs first) and missing your reinspection, doesn’t give you extra time on top of your 60 days.


The following document defines windshield damage and outlines what's okay and what’s not okay for damage.


Total loss vehicle inspections

If the cost to repair your vehicle and the vehicle's salvage value are greater than the value of the vehicle, it is considered a total loss.

Some total loss vehicles can be repaired. After being fixed, the vehicle must pass mandatory vehicle inspections before it is considered roadworthy.

If your total loss vehicle is registered:

  • You must have it inspected within 60 days or before your current registration expires, whichever comes first.

If your total loss vehicle isn’t registered:

  • You need a 24-hour permit to drive your vehicle from the repair shop to a vehicle inspection station to have it inspected.
  • Your vehicle has to meet all standards before it can be driven with a permit. Visit a motor licence issuer to inquire about a permit.

How to get on the road again

If your total loss vehicle needs to pass both a body integrity and/or a mechanical safety inspection, follow the same steps as outlined above for mechanical safety and body integrity inspections.

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