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Brake Repair Service

Auto Connection performs professional brake repair and service in Saskatoon. Maintaining the brakes on your car is one of the most important things you can do - it is the number one vehicle safety-feature. Your life depends on the brakes performing at 100% effectiveness. Do not ignore regular brake inspections and proper maintenance. Having a certified technician perform the work is essential and that is why you can rely on Saskatoon Auto Connection's trained and certified service technicians. Your safety is our number one priority in everything we do.

When do I need a Brake Repair Service in Saskatoon? Saskatoon is a 4-season city and we experience extreme temperature and weather shifts all year-round. Here a some indicators that you need an immediate brake inspection and probable service done...

  1. Squeaks, squealing, rubbing or grinding noises coming from the brakes
  2. Vehicle pulls more to one side or the other when brakes are applied
  3. Left-Right tilt when stopping the vehicle
  4. Have to press brake pedal heavily to stop the vehicle
  5. Brake pedal shakes and vibrate when pressed
  6. Vehicle wobbles or shudders when applying the brakes
  7. Brake pedal feels very soft, squishy or lacks resistance when pressed
  8. Excessive brake pedal travel or pushes all the way to the floor


Regular Brake Inspection

Brakes use friction to bring a vehicle to a complete stop. This friction creates a substantial amount of heat. Heat can lead to "brake-fade", excessive wear, rotor warping. Regular inspections are crucial to monitoring brake wear. Regular lubrication and brake conditioning can also prolong brake life.


Disk Brake Repair

Disk brakes with rotors, callipers and pads are used in most modern vehicles for both front and rear wheels. We provide complete disk brake repair service in Saskatoon.


Brake Rotor Replacement

Nowadays it is more cost effective to replace the brake rotors rather than machining them. Installing new brakes pads onto old rotors will cause different issues such as premature brake pad wear, low contact friction, vibration, squealing and scraping noise when brakes are applied.


Rear Drum Brake Repair

Some vehicles are equipped with drum brakes and shoes in the rear, especially older ones. Most modern vehicles are now equipped with rear disk brake callipers and pads. We repair them both. Rear brake shoes wear out over time and accumulate brake dust inside the drum and will eventually cause braking issues.


Parking Brake Adjustment

Parking brake or e-brake cables stretch over time and will eventually need to be adjusted or replaced.


What about average life expectancy mileage of brake pads?

There are many mitigating factors that affect the lifespan and the mileage of the brake pads. It depends on your driving habits and the type and quality of the brake pads. For example, city drivers use brakes more than highway drivers or rural drivers. Driving up and down elevations wear brakes faster than driving on flatter roadways. Heavy braking from high speed causes most of the wear to the brake pads. Crowded highways and other heavily congested traffic areas cause repeated and heavy braking which is more likely to wear the break pads faster.

Now, when we compare the brake pad wear of front brakes to the rear ones, the front pads wear faster than rear pads. Front brakes wear faster because the inertial weight of the vehicle shifts further forward while braking putting more strain on the front pads than the rear ones.

Because of the many contributors to brake wear, some drivers have their brake pads changed after 112,600 km (70,000 miles) and some after only 40,000 km (25,000 miles).

On an average the front brake pads typically last anywhere from 32-55k.  If your brakes squeak when you first step on them after sitting for several hours then get quieter,  it is likely rust on the brake pads from condensation. If the brakes are making a squeaky noise every time you step on the pedal then you should contact us to schedule and brake inspection or brake repair service in Saskatoon.

Another factor is the type or quality of your brake pads. Higher quality brandname brakes should last longer than lower quality discount brands. Of special note...some brakes are manufactured with high grade components and special metallic or ceramic compounds. These types of brakes can actually be noisier than lower cost/lower quality ones. It doesn't diminish their ability to stop the vehicle, in fact it's usually the opposite. They are more tolerant to extreme temperatures and more resistant to brake-fade and glazing.

Over time all brakes need repair services.  Brakes pads and rotors and brake shoes and drums become worn, brake lines and hoses can rupture, brake fluid can deteriorate, and other brake components can sieze, rust or wear out. Fluid changes and all other necessary checks should be done & repaired frequently.

Saskatoon Auto Connection provides the highest quality brake repair service in Saskatoon.

And remember VIP members receive generous discounts on labour and parts which means a significantly lower repair bill when compared to competing shops.

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