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Wheel Alignment Service

If you are in need of a wheel alignment in Saskatoon, then look no further that Saskatoon Auto Connection. We have a modern 4-wheel laser aligner, that we dutifully maintain to ensure a high level of precision. Our technicians will adjust your vehicle's caster, camber and "toe" to the manufacturers recommended values. This will help to ensure the safe handling of your car, truck or SUV and proper wear of your tire treads.


What is Wheel Alignment service?

Wheel alignment is all about checking & adjusting the alignment of your wheels in relation to the suspension under normal load. Your tires must be aligned for safety, good grip on the road, and for fuel efficiency.


When do I need to perform a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment should be done when installing new tires or generally every 2 years. Wheel alignment can go "out of spec" from off-road driving or if you collide with curbs, objects or large bumps or rough roads. Check it every one to two years.

If your car has wide tires or if you own a sport cars from brands like Audi, BMW, Nissan or others, you should check for the wheel alignment more often.


What do you do in a wheel alignment service?

At Saskatoon Auto Connection, we first get your vehicle placed on the alignment rack. Then we mount special sensors on your vehicle so the computer can measure the alignment of the vehicle's and compare the result with the vehicle specifications.

Based on the measured result, our technician will change the wheel angles to match the required specifications.


Can I drive with bad wheel alignment?

It can be very DANGEROUS and can also be more costly than driving with aligned wheels. As you drive with misaligned wheels, the tires are going to wear out quickly and it can also cause premature wear of major suspension components.

The danger with misaligned wheels can result in erratic or uncontrollable steering and uneven tire wear. This can lead to loss of traction and braking capabilities.

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