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Flat tires in Saskatoon are just a fact of life. Flat tires are always an inconvenience and happen when you least expect it. There are numerous causes for flat tires...perhaps you picked up a nail or screw or ran over some other type of sharp object; maybe you caught the edge of a curb while turning or struck a particularly nasty Saskatoon pothole.

Another reason for needing a flat tire repair in Saskatoon is our weather. When the seasons change to Fall and Winter and temperatures drop below freezing, your tire's bead seal can start to leak. Cold weather is the most common reason for flat tires in Saskatoon. If you suddenly find yourself with an unexpected flat or low tire, bring the car or mounted tire to Saskatoon Auto Connection. Our technicians will inspect the tire, find the cause and repair the tire if it safe to do so. If the flat cannot be patched or plugged, or the sidewall is damaged, then we will gladly recommend a good quality replacement tire (or tires), remove the old one(s), mount and balance the new one(s), and get you back on the road safe and sound.

We not only repair and sell tires, but we also sell custom wheels to go with the tires. Maybe your wheels are too beat up or you're just ready for a change to something that makes your ride look more "fly"... we have a large selection of wheels to choose from. We will carefully and professionally mount and balance your tires onto the new rims. Then we will get them back on the car in time for all of your friend's and neighbour's jaws to drop when they see how amazing your vehicle looks. They're going to be so jealous!

DID YOU KNOW...VIP members can earn unlimited Free basic flat tire repair vouchers per year per household? Consult with one of our service advisors for details, or visit the VIP Features page for information. VIP members also receive generous discounts on labour, tires, wheels and other parts, which means a significantly lower repair bill when compared to competing shops.

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