Meet Our Team

Our dedicated staff is ready to provide you with unrivalled service. Our experience and professionalism is evident from the moment you step in the door or engage with us over the phone.
General Manager

Dustin Kalthoff, B.A. Hons

Originally from the City of Humboldt, Dustin started Saskatoon Auto Connection back in 2008 as a University of Saskatchewan student as a means to pay for his education. He did not fully anticipate how his philosophy for selling used automobiles would eventually become a full-time venture. His passion for automobiles is only surpassed by his passion for curling. Dustin has curled many seasons with Men's fours and represented Canada at the 2016 World's Mixed Doubles and qualified for the 2018 Winter Olympics trials. During the summer months, Dustin's energy turns to auto racing, fishing and golfing or conquering the great outdoors with Nokkvi by his side.
James King
Inventory Manager

James King

James has been with Auto Connection since the early days. He started as a Sales Associate and has become an integral part of the organization as our Inventory Manager. James is responsible for acquiring and pricing our exceptional vehicles and keeping the stock replenished so that customers have a broad range of affordable and reliable vehicles to choose from. In the summer James loves to golf, play baseball and ride motorcycles.
Sales Manager

Kevin Hanchuk

In addition to having years of experience in car sales, Kevin has held positions as a sales manager and finance manager in the power sports industry. He prides himself on having the freedom and creativity to find solid solutions for our dealership customers. Kevin loves to interact with people and provide stellar customer service. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a great sense of humour. He invites you to drop by, even it’s just to share good joke and have a laugh. Maybe call ahead to make sure he’s here and not working his handicap on the links.
Sales Associate

Barry Hanchuk

Barry is celebrating his 16th year in car sales and he chose Saskatoon Auto Connection to take him to his 17th year and beyond. Word has it that he is quite the cook or at least he thinks he is (the jury is still out). I like to picture him in the kitchen like the Muppets Swedish Chef. When he isn't fricasseeing and sauteeing he's wheeling and dealing. Interesting fact, Barry used to be a private detective back in the day. We want to assure you that when he is asking you questions it's not an interrogation, he's just trying to figure out how he can help you "cook up the best deal". Sorry, couldn't resist the pun. Seriously...this stuff almost writes itself.
Sales Associate

Laverne Nelson

Originally from Moose Jaw, Laverne has been in the auto industry for quite some time, with 4 years of autobody experience in addition to his more than two decades in sales. He’s such a good salesman that he sold a new car to one brother then immediately sold that gentleman’s trade to the customer’s own brother. How is that even possible? He’s a people person and is genuinely interested in learning about people and their diverse backgrounds. He want to ensure that he gets you into the automobile that suits your needs, your personality and your lifestyle. When he’s not serving customers he loves to relax by painting, fishing or spending time with his grandkids.
Service Manager

Brynn Nickel

Brynn comes to Saskatoon Auto Connection from the the far off, fabled magical waters of the world famous Watrous, Saskatchewan. Hmmmm...must be why he floats into work everyday. He is our super friendly Service Manager and is always ready to provide a top-notch experience at our Auto Care Service Centre. When he isn't conducting the movement of vehicles in and out of the service bays like a maestro, he likes to "relax" by slinging wrenches at home on his own side projects.
Service Advisor

Jason Stewart

Jason is a tire, wheel, & commercial/fleet expert who is a welcome addition to Saskatoon Auto Connection. He likes helping people and enjoys tasks needing problem-solving. His multi-tasking skills and flexibility are well suited and needed in his position. Away from the office, Jason likes to hunt and fish. His dream career is to be a formula 1 driver, but he'd be happy to drive a Koenigsegg Jesko around in his spare time if he ever had the option. This is a guy with a serious need for speed. Fret not your vehicle will be in good hands with Jason on the job.
Shop Foreman

Chris Yauck

A Queen City native, Chris joined our vehicle reconditioning team in 2015 as our first Red Seal Journeyman service technician well before we began servicing vehicles for the general public. Chris brings an award-winning wealth of skill and experience to the Auto Connection family. His persistence and attention to detail means that he is extremely hard to "stump" when diagnosing issues. We can imagine Chris was the kid who was always dismantling his family's appliances and machinery just to see how they worked. Thankfully he can also put everything back together again.
Journeyman Automotive Service Technician

Tobi Wuschke

Tobi is one of our highly skilled technicians and a dedicated family man. His logical approach to troubleshooting issues as they arise serves our customers well. We aren't sure how to break the news to him that logical thinking won't help him much when raising his young family. Kids are more unpredictable than cars and will say and do the darndest things. We are sure however, that his family will benefit from his generosity and propensity to go out of his way to help people. His love for cars extends to anything modifed that generates lots of noise and power...our own resident Tim the Toolman Taylor...oooh oooh oooh...except he can actually fix stuff.
Journeyman Automotive Service Technician

Evan Meszaros

Evan is a certified SGI Automotive Mechanical Inspector and seasoned journeyman technician. His calm, quiet personality is beneficial when looking to eradicate those pesky gremlins. We don't know for sure, but we assume he's the enforcer on his hockey team and that's how he unwinds and blows off steam.
Automotive Service Technician

Rob Janzen

Rob is a Journeyman Electrician whose path led him into the mechanical trade. He finds the challenges this career offers for the body and mind keep him coming back for more each day. Outside of the garage, Rob enjoys golf for the sunshine and fresh air Saskatchewan summers have to offer. Year-round, Rob is part of a pool league. This skill seems to lend talent for patience precision and skill when working on vehicles.
Auto Detailing Specialist

Jonel (Joe) Loyola

Joe is our superstar detailer. He is a master of his craft and takes great pride in his work. He has earned the nickname "Magic Man". A dedicated family man, Joe is usually treating other Auto Connection team members with tasty treats popular in the Philippines. We honestly don't know how he stays so happy all of the time, always smiling and singing along to the radio. Watch out when his jam "Barbie Girl" starts playing, he becomes an unstoppable force.
Online Inventory Merchandiser

Doug Jarzab

Doug has proven to be motivated, determined, and always full of smiles. His love for vehicles began in his hometown of Prince Albert where he learned to drive a manual vehicle before he even had a license. Doug has a soft spot for small trucks, specifically the 1964 Chevrolet C10. Outside of the office, Doug wanted to pursue a career as a rancher or even shoot for the stars as an astronaut. Back on earth with the rest of us he enjoys golfing, time with family, and loving on his dog Myrtle.
Shuttle Driver

Trent Martin

Trent used to be a sales rep who often drove 85,000km in a year, so this guy loves to drive. Trent is absolutely brimming with spunk, humor, and personality from morning until night. He isn't a shy person and can regale you with stories about his dislike of haircuts, or the Chinese New Year he spent in Hong Kong. When asked about his favorite automobile his response was 'Motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycles, and my green truck.' Trent's little green truck gets lots of looks and attention as it resembles a full-sized hot wheels.

Mary D Lloyd

MaryD was born in “Taranna” Ontario (Toronto for all us Westerners) and made her way to Saskatoon by way of Yellowknife. She is very active in her local community and volunteers her spare time to support her favourite sport organizations, her faith, and dramatic arts. She is working towards her full CGA designation. Yes, she really loves numbers and even some people too! If she wasn’t doing what she does now, she would be working with Doctors Without Borders (as a Doctor, not an Accountant) or riding the rails as a train engineer. We think she’s a classy lady with style and flair and really lights up a room.
Office Administration

Shea Barclay

Shea started at Auto Connection making a name for herself as one of our bubbliest Sales Associates. Fresh back from Maternity she is aiding both the sales and service departments in day-to-day activities. After hours Shea spends her time with her family and friends. Shea raves about her 2008 Honda Element which has taken her on many adventures camping and traveling through the mountains. She comments, "it may look like a toaster on wheels but these vehicles sure have jam!"
Director of Marketing

Shane Kartz

Shane brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the Auto Connection team. He has been a marketing professional for most of his career and has worked with numerous high profile clients in the private sector locally and abroad as well as the federal, provincial and municipal governments. He has held positions with local creative studios, commercial manufacturing companies and the University of Saskatchewan. Shane is also a professional photographer, filmmaker, local business owner and entrepreneur. Shane has been a teacher of Budo Taijutsu for over 24 years and has been actively involved in soccer for most of his life as both a coach and player.
Customer Service Liason

Nokkvi Kalthoff

Nokkvi has been greeting customers at the store since he was knee high to a grasshopper. His friendly and playful temperment is very welcoming to all of our visitors. He may even ask you to play ball or toss his rubber bone around a few times just to break the ice. His ancestral family were sheep herders from Iceland, but he's Canadian all the way...Quebecois to be precise, although you would never know it as his francophone accent can't even be detected.
Customer Service Liason

Molly Barclay

Molly is a sweet girl who during her career has spent time greeting customers both in sales and now service. Recently Molly was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition that has caused her to lose sight in both eyes. Don't let that deceive you though she still happily does tricks for treats, and motors around the office seeking out customers to snuggle up to for attention.
Sales Centre Customer Service Liason

Molly Barclay

Molly is our newest furry greeter. She is as smart as a whip and friendly as can be. She really appreciates that we have a very flexible pet owner policy and she is able to bring her owner, Shea, to work everyday to brighten up the dealership. She looks forward to meeting you in person.
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