Cause of Rough Running Engine May Not Be What You Expected

Posted by Shane Kartz on September 27, 2019

Engine "running rough"? Experiencing weird vibrations or rattles? Does it seem like your tires are really noisy?

The all-important and oft-overlooked lowly Engine Mount.

Sometimes what seems to be the "obvious" problem is not really the problem at all. Sometimes you have to look "all the way to the bottom" deep. Engine mount bushings can wear out, dry out, or become damaged. This will adversely effect the smooth operation of any drive train, even more so with transversely mounted powertrains such as front-wheel and all-wheel drive setups.

This photo shows what a cracked and worn-out engine mount looks like next to a brand new one. If something seems "off" with your vehicle and you're not sure what the problem is, let us take a look at it...we are sure to "get to the bottom of it".

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