Remote Starters - Journeyman Automotive Service Technician or Crash Course Installer?

Posted by Shane Kartz on October 30, 2022

Don't Entrust Just Anyone With Your Vehicle's Electrical System

Trust the Journeyman Automotive Service Technicians at Auto Connection with your remote starter needs. Our technicians spend 4 years or more in school learning professional automotive repair, and undergo continuous education throughout their careers. Our technicians know how to PROPERLY dismantle your vehicle and then put it all back together PROPERLY. Just about anybody can get a job installing remote starters at many of the places that install them, and in our line of work we've seen more hack job remote starter installations come through our shop than we would like to tolerate. Improperly installed remote starters can leave damaged wiring under your dash resulting in immediate or future electrical issues, broken clips that can cause mysterious interior rattles, and other problems as bizarre as your hatch release not working afterward (yes, this really happened - and the vehicle came to us for repair afterward...AND the remote start installation shop denied responsibility). We've removed many remote starter systems that were causing more headaches and vehicle issues than they were worth, and that's a fail in our books.

We realized that there was a need in the market for proper remote starter installation service by the people who understand the electrical system in your vehicle the best - and that is the Journeyman Automotive Service Technicians at Saskatoon Auto Connection. Allow our properly trained technicians the opportunity to do the job right the first time with no damaged wiring, no electrical issues down the road, no broken clips, and your peace of mind intact.

While the time of a Journeyman Automotive Service Technician is obviously more valuable than the time of a young fella who hasn't invested years into professional automotive training, you'll find that our VIP PROGRAM discounts bring our remote starter prices in line with what you'll find the young fellas who don't have our expertise charging anyways. For your peace of mind and a job done properly, trust the Journeyman Automotive Service Technicians at Saskatoon Auto Connection for your remote starter needs!


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