Why Are Scheduled Oil Changes Important?

Posted by Shane Kartz on October 23, 2019

Vehicle manufacturers are increasing the recommended oil change intervals.

This is in the interest of being more eco-friendly, lowering maintenance costs and to reduce vehicle downtime for their customers. This is made possible through more advanced lubricants and vehicle manufacturing processes and greatly improved mechanical tolerances.

Driving habits greatly influence oil change intervals. It is the oil’s job to lubricate and protect metal-to-metal contact surfaces as well as carry away contaminants. An engine’s inner workings allow for fuel vapors and combustion byproducts to get past the piston rings and dirty the oil. Condensation can also occur allowing water to collect in the oil. It is crucial for an engine to get up to operating temperature in order to boil off some of these contaminants. Short trips don’t allow an effective “boiling off” process to take place. On the other side of the coin, running an engine hot for long periods of time or spirited driving will break down the oil sooner.

Engine life is certainly prolonged by changing the oil and filter at more frequently scheduled intervals, but it does create additional waste materials. Neglect however, can lead to premature engine failure. It’s a fine line. Work with your service shop to determine the most appropriate oil type and change interval that is best suited to your vehicle, usage and driving style.

With engines oils that are commonly in use today it is generally recommended that you replace a good quality conventional oil every 5,000km, semi-synthetic every 6,000km and full synthetic every 8,000km.

As a matter of good stewardship and preventative maintenance – your automotive repair shop should perform some quick checks and visual inspections during an oil change. This will help to identify any potential issues and mitigate more costly repairs or future breakdowns.

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This article was recently published in the Fall 2019 issue of YXE Living magazine as an "Ask an Expert" feature distributed by PostMedia.


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